Apple to Design Apps for Android

Apple to Design Apps for Android

While this might come as a big surprise to you, nonetheless it is true. Apple will be developing an app which will be functional on the Android platform. However, before we fan your curiosity any further, we would like to add that this particular app will only help make the switch from Android to iOS easier. So, that too is about acquiring new customers. The iOS users will know that Google already has plenty of apps on the iOS platform. So it should not be a big deal if Apple also does something similar.

But what’s really overwhelming is the fact that Apple Music will be available to the users of Android platform by the end of 2015. So this is something you should really feel happy about especially if you are a music enthusiast. Apply Music is one of the most popular music streaming service. We all know that Apple had made many of its services and app available to the users of Windows. However, this will be the first time when Apple will make something for the Android platform too.

Although we can only speculate at this time, but don’t be surprised if the Apple Music app for the android looks and feels just like the iOS app. There is a possibility because iTunes apps for Windows platform look much like the apps for Mac. This is a good strategy as the Android users will get the taste of what Apple services are like. If they like it, they may want to have the Apple fun to the fullest and hence may switch to iPhones. 


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